Moors Magazine has reviewed Blind Faith. Check out the review here. The translation from Dutch reads:

“Adam Geary is a photographer who presents his remarkable photographs in small photo albums that are both artists’ books, because Geary is never just about presenting beautiful photos, he wants to misread the viewer or at least make him think . I have already briefly paid attention to his booklets Murmur and Light Years, which are both small gems, and Blind Faith,  is just as beautiful, even though the pocket has now become bigger.

This book is about looking and the rituals of looking. The Geary camera tackles details that capture the fragility of the moment, and it shows that in photography we always see an interpretation of the world. An objective truth does not exist.

It is a subtle, almost poetic booklet, in which religious stained-glass windows connect with banal everyday scenes. You can order the booklet from Adam Geary and you will receive a signed print of the cover for ten English pounds. Shipping included. Do so.”








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